Course Offered

The whole school will be divided into three functional areas of Primary (Class-I -V), Middle (Class-VI-VIII) and Senior (Class IX to XII). All through the school the medium of instruction is ENGLISH. The entire teaching methodology is child centered, activity oriented and stimulating. For Work Education, a student is allotted an activity from among nearly two dozen varied areas, taking into account the pupil’s inclination and aptitude, and optimum group strength desired for the activity. The subjects taught in the middle school (Classes VI to VIII are English, Hindi, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Sanskrit, Computer Science, Art, Music, Value Education, Physical and Health Education (Games & Sports), Work Education. The subjects to be taught in Classes IX & X ( All India Secondary School Examination ) as per CBSE syllabus will be : English, Communicative, Hindi Course A, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Commerce, Social Science, Art, Music, Introductory Information Technology, Physical and Health Education ( Games & Sports), Value Education and Work Education. For Classes XI-XII, the school will offer three streams viz., Science, Commerce and Humanities. The following subjects will be taught in Classes XI-XII (All India Senior School Certificate Examination) as per the CBSE syllabus vise, English Core or English Elective, Physics or Business Studies or History, Chemistry or Accountancy or Geography, Mathematics or Biology or Economics, Commerce, Computer Science or Information Practices or Hindi, General Studies, Physical and Health Education. (Games & Sports), Art, Music, Work Education. According to the scheme of studies of Central Board Secondary Education, Our School will also cover the following areas:

Education Of Art & Music

Our School will cover following areas:

  • Visual Art: Drawing Painting, Tie & Dye, Butique, and Block Printing.
  • Performing Art: Music (Vocal & Instrumental), Dance, Public Speaking (Elocution, Debates, and Societies), Dramatics.

Compulsory lessons are organized in the Time-Table for all students form class 1st onward classes for Art Education. Besides, the student can pursue on or two other activities in their Work Education periods. A large area comprising of Spacious rooms is being developed in the school building itself with sections for Vocal Music Instrumental Music, Dance and a Lecture Room. All Students would love to learn and practice music under the able guidance of their teachers.

Physical & Heath Education

"Health is Wealth" is our Motto. The School aims at around development of the students personality. Therefore proportionate emaphasis is laid on the physical development of the student. The Student take part in organised games as per their time-table. Besides, the whole school has fifteen minute,s physical training on all working days throughout the year. The individual and Team Games/Sport form an integral part of Annual Calendar of the School. Besides this, the students may come early to school for Athletics, Football, Cricket, Hockey, practice etc or stay back after school hours to play or participate in coaching of these games.

Computer Education

Computer Science is taught in our school as a compulsory Time-table subject from Class 1st onward. A student may offer Computer Science or information Practices as an Elective Subject in Class XI/XII. Every students necessarily gets a 'Hans-on' the Computer. All Computer in the Senior and Middle School laboratory is of latest hardware with LAN connectivity and multi media.
The Introductory Information Technology is introduced as an additional optional subject in Class IX & X .The syllabus is related to Information Technology and it is to familiarize the students with basics of information technology. Not Only this teacher have been trained with basics of computer under various programme conducted by ET & T and Intel.