Our Overview

Ascent Education Society saw the light in 2010 ("Registered under the society registration act XXI of 1860") in order to promote and perpetuate the ideas of late Shri Ramesh Chandra Asthana. Kanpur City is in a dire need of education centers having a holistic approach of imparting education to our children.This was the idea of our inspiring souls. To fiulfill these lofty ideas, the Foundation of ascent Education Society was laid down in the year 2010.

The school is situated at Ghatampur in the Southern part of the city where the habitation has grown very fast in a modern way. A mangnificent three storeyed school building complex with excellent architectural design will truly be the ‘Pride of City’

Our Mission

  • Providing quality education with a zest for learning.
  • Broadening mental horizons and creating a deeper awareness of the self and total environment.
  • Channelising youthful energy towards the environment and society with a positive and friendly attitude.

Our Vision

Our motto is " Tamso Maa Jyotirgmay " this is the core of the development of the contents of moral and value educationin the school. However, adequate emphasis is laid on building strong character based on humanitarian values and good social habits.