The whole school will be divided into four functional areas of Nursery (Prior to class U.K.G). Primary ( Class-I-V), Middle (Class-VI-VIII) and Senior (Class IX to XII). All trough the school the medium of instruction is English. The entire teaching methodology is child centered, activity oriented and stimulating.

For Work Education, a student is allotted an activity from among nearly two dozen varied ares, taking into account the pupil's inclination and aptitude, and optimum group strength desired for the activity.
The subjects taught in the middle school (Classes VI to VIII are English, Hindi, Mathematics, General Science, Socail Studies, Art, Music, Value Education, Physical and Health Education). The subjects to be taught in classes IX & X (All CBSE Examination) as per CBSE syllabus will be: English, Communicative, hindi course A , Mathematics, Science and technology, Socail Science, Art Music, Introductory Infromation Technology, Physical and Helth Education, Value Education and Work Education.


Shirt / Blouse White
Trouser / Devided Skirt Grey
Socks Grey With white bars
Tie Grey With white bars
Sweater Maroon Without Sleeves & Full Sleeves
(with school monogram)
Blazer Maroon With School monogram
Stocking(For girls) Grey During Winter
Shoes Black (with laces) Boys
Black (with buckle) Girls
Black (with buckle) Girls
P.T. Dress
Trouser / Devided skirt White(with house colour bars)
T-Shirt House colours(with house colours bars)
Shoes White canvas shoes
Socks White(with house colour bars)