Welcome to Ascent Public School | Kanpur


Our motto is 'तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय' this is the core of the development of the contents of Moral and Value Education in the school. However, adequate emphasis is laid on building strong character based on huanitarian values and good social habits. We strive to highlights our Ancient Indian culture, Tradition and customers through teaching and other programmes organised in the school. The development of spiritual knowledge and attitude based on our Ancient Vedic Culture and philosophy is the guiding principle of Value Education of our school.


The Staff consists of qualified, trained and experinced teacher with love for profession, APS teachers will be required to be sensitive to the learning style diffrence among students, and when feasible, they try to identify and learning stratgies and materials that are appropriate to differing styles.

Fee Counter

The School fee etc can be paid at the Fee Counter/ Account Office and fee desposit timing from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM in school campus during the first fifteen days of January, Aprail, July, and October for each quater respectively and through.

Workshops & Laboratories

The school is developing fully operational work-shops and laboratories.The students will love to work with their hands in Electronics, Photography, Carpentry, Sculpture,Science, Mathematics and Geography and Clay-Modelling under the experst guidence of Instructions.

Audio-Visual Way

Useful teaching aids like Television, Vedio Cassete Recorder, Cassette & C.D Players. Overhead Projector, Slide Projector, LCD Projector, P.A. & Amplifier system are available in the A.V. Room.

School Transport

The School has a fleet of buses which covers various routes in & around the city. This facility is available to the students at a reasonable flat rate. Accommodation in the school transport is limited and has to be applied for, in advance on a prescribed form.


The school is developing a spacious and well-stocked library.All Students will be given two periods per week to make use of the library in their time-table.